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Marketing and Advertising in Colorado Springs and on the Internet

Welcome to the online home for TopLine Marketing of Colorado Springs. TopLine helps businesses attract more customers and close bigger sales, with free leads, marketing, advertising and Internet marketing support.

Marketing in Colorado Springs is a unique challenge. Since Colorado Springs has both the personality of a big city and a small town it’s a particularly complex target market.  Your Advertising must be laser-targeted. Your outreach must be hometown friendly and inviting.  No one knows the Colorado Springs market better that us.

We help you:

  • Slash your advertising costs–and using the savings to build your business
  • Exploit inexpensive Internet marketing to make you more profitable
  • Target only your very best prospects, to save time and boost your sales
  • Streamline your sales message to show prospects exactly why they need you
  • Maximize your sales by completely solving your clients problems
  • Keep your customers from checking-out the competition through relationship building

We can do this for you, or teach your staff how.  We offer you:

  1. Free Sales Leads
  2. Master Marketing Classes
  3. Full Marketing Consulting, starting with a free analysis
  4. Internet Web Page Marketing (SEO)

TopLine is a global leader in small business consulting.

Over more than forty years our consulting network (TopLine Business Solutions) has grown to include several hundred consultants, in over two dozen countries.  Many of our clients you’ve no doubt heard of: Black and Decker, Marriott Hotels, AT&T, Coca Cola, Kellogg, State Farm Insurance, plus thousands of small and medium sized businesses, across the US, and around the globe.

Our Colorado Springs office is run by Lance Haverkamp.  Lance has been selling a wide array of products and services for decades in some of the toughest industries in the American marketplace.  He has been recruiting, training and supporting sales people for years, teaching them to develop more & better leads.  Teaching them how to get far more money from each client in a variety of industries.  Lance has written on sales, marketing and economics (we’ve got a few copies of his latest book, Own Your Marketplace (also available at Amazon.com) to give away–schedule a free advertising analysis to get your very own copy).  You can now get Lance’s help in your business!

We would love to learn more about your business, and together, develop plans to dramatically increase your business! But only to well respected business who qualify…The first step is getting a free analysis of your current advertising.

Drop us an email to schedule your advertising analysis.

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